personalised notebooks for business


A journal tells a story, our story. Tasks, chores, business, meetings and thoughts get all written down and recorded in time by telling about the endless roads opening ahead of us every day. The person’s choice will reveal his identity, personality and style through the journal colors, design and shape.

Portofino collection for the awesome 2020 season, available as Notebook or Agenda

Inspire your artwork and encourage self expression
Notebook Refillable

Lined, Blank or Dotted Pages


Taking Note

In a world that rewards speed, the notebook develops the habit of looking at things carefully and taking notes. A Journal on which to take notes, scribble, draw the ideas that come to mind can become indispensable.

Personal Agenda

Daily or Weekend


A Planner for your Task

Make every day count with Belcraft Planner. Designed to keep you on task and motivated, this planner has plenty of room for you to plan out your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.


Great Occasion, happy events and unforgettable trips deserve to be remembered, so a Photo Album is the ideal gift to hold memories and emotions. Celebrate your moments and create an album as you love it. With your choice of black or white pages and the option to customize your albu, you’ll create an Unique Album of memories.

Cream Classic pages

100 Sides


Album for your Adventures

The Travel Photo Album collection enhances your magical moments come from a weekend getaway, family holiday or a big adventure. Capturing those stories in a customized Photo Album will let you relive them.

Classic pages

60 Sides


Baby Leather Photo Album

Feature your most cherished photos and leave a blank page for a lock of hair, or a tiny footprint, to add an even more personal touch to your book, and know they will love looking back on their own story as they grow.

Square, Portrait or Landscape

Until 120 pages


Anniversary and Wedding Leather Photo Album

A picture allows to catch a moment and keep your memories alive, carrying with us all the time. The magic of a special day will be the one to be framed in your Album of memories. The preparation of the Bride, the moved parents, the sweet kiss between now Husband and Wife. Endless memories of joy and happiness to be lived again and to be shared.


Belcraft intends to help you with gift, living your Special Occasions, for it to be original and appreciated. A Promotion, an Anniversary, a Birthday or some other Special Occasion, are always the times that will be remembered by those who were there, and Belcraft wants to help you make that moment precious.

Free Gift Wrapping

Wrapping the gift means protecting and improving the gift, as well as hiding it to make it “surprising”. Thanks to our service, you can receive your gift with your favourite wrapping. It is a way to make your gift unique and special by offering you the opportunity to amaze the person who will receive it.

Shopper Bag

The Shopper Bag is ideal for wrapping and enhancing any kind of purchase. Durable shopper bags, unique for their design and very comfortable to create elegant and refined gift packages. Just a gesture and the gift is done. Indeed, well done!

Free Greeting Card

Offer a Gift with a Greeting Card is certainly a nice gesture, especially when using heartfelt and personal words. It is also a beautiful memory to keep. The ticket is even more appreciated if the gift is not delivered personally by you.

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